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cannabis derived terpenes

Thanks to our Savoir-Faire, our terpenes recreate perfectly the taste and the smell of cannabis of your favorite strain !

What makes our strength, besides our passion, it is our certifications: Food-Grade, IFRA, certifications of conformity to the EU standards (no pesticides, heavy metals, GMO).

Our terpenes can be used to give a cannabis taste and/or smell to E-liquids, CBD flowers and their derivatives (extractions, hash), cosmetics, tobacco, food and drinks.

A guide on recommended dosages as well as safety data sheets will be sent to you along with your sample pack and we will contact you as soon as possible to answer your needs together !

Lilium Xtract – Smell the difference

The strengths of our cannabis terpenes :

  • Food-Grade, IFRA, EU standards certifications, SDS
  • Perfect recreation of the smells and tastes of cannabis
  • Already trusted by big players in the industries
  • Suitable for flowers, hash, extractions, eliquid, tobacco, cosmetics, food and drinks

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