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Our best sellers

Our best sellers

Cannabis derived terpenes & botanical terpenes experts

We are Lilium Xtract, a French company specialized in cannabis terpenes. We are experts in reproducing the taste and smell of cannabis. We are the most competitive company of the market in this field : the best products at the best price.

More than 30 strains of cannabis are available in our catalog, in both cannabis derived terpenes and botanical terpenes versions. 

Passionate about this plant and inspired by the culture of French excellence with oenology, we have been developing since 2017 a know-how that has elevated the extraction of terpenes and the reproduction of cannabis fragrances to the rank of art with our three lines : the Profile Line, the Derived Mix and the Derived Line.

The Profile Line, composed of botanical terpenes assembled to reproduce the terpene profile of cannabis strains

The Derived Mix, composed essentially of cannabis derived terpenes to which we add botanical terpenes. Exceptional results for an affordable price

The Derived Line, composed only of cannabis derived terpenes and nothing else. A premium line allowing a smell identical to the original strain

We are so sure than our terpenes and the cannabis fragrances we reproduce are the best on the market that we can convince you with just a sample. Don’t hesitate to contact us to get your own !

Cannabis scents for all industries

Terpenes are present in most plants, like cannabis, and allow the production of their scents. 

At Lilium Xtract, we follow a production and accreditation process that allows our terpenes to meet the needs of many industries.

Our cannabis derived terpenes and botanical terpenes meet the needs of all CBD growers, importers, retailers and distributors seeking to standardize or improve the smell and taste of their products :

  • Flowers and Hash
  • Disposable Vape Pens
  • Extractions (BHO, Rosin, Wax, shatter, sauce, budder)

We also meet the demands of the perfumery, cosmetology, food, beverage and vape markets looking to include cannabis fragrances and aromas in their new products.

Discover more about the terpenes benefits and their effects on human well-being or take a look about Lilium Xtract terpenes safety and quality process.

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